Week17: Wrapping It Up

I've been a frequent user of social media for years now. For instance, does anyone remember the hype of Myspace before Facebook emerged? Social media has been around longer than we think! I believe these changes will continue to happen throughout the world of social media, and I think there's always going to be a new platform to emerge that will take over. Therefore, we'll continuously be keeping up with the next best and new thing in the world of social media.

Throughout the semester, my use of social media changed within a business perspective. I'm a savvy user with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, I haven't played around with the functions for advertising, promoting, and so fourth until this class. I loved learning about the uses of Facebook analytics, and learning about the useful tools of creating ads and promotions.

Also, I like that Instagram and Facebook marketing can correlate back to each other, which I found to be convenient! I was able to test…

Week16B - Responses

I've commented on these blogs this week:

 Jesus Farias Eva WhitburnChade Montgomery

Week16 - Planning Future Strategy

This semester has been a learning curve! I'm appreciative for all of the tools that were shared throughout this class, and I'll be taking away a lot from this course.

After using several different platforms throughout this course I've realized that Facebook and Instagram were the most effect platforms for my business. Since I'm representing a photography business, Facebook provides a solid foundation to help businesses build themselves from the ground up while Instagram creates a perfect showcase for photography! When it comes down to what I thought was the least effective, I would have to say Twitter. I found it difficult to reach my target markets throughout this platform, and it's difficult to display work when needed.

After reading through the different strategy tools, I've found a few that I'll definitely begin to implement into my daily strategies with my business. When it comes to organizing I think having a dedicated e-mail for social media accounts…

Week13A - Online Advertising

I began my research by looking up the top 5 highest rated businesses throughout San Diego regarding photography. The top 5 surrounding businesses with the highest ratings were:

True Photography: Instagram, Facebook, Yelp.Fangting Photography: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube.Stephy Wong Photography: Facebook, Yelp.Tiffany Allen Photography: Facebook, Instagram.Rachel McFarlin Photography: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I decided to take this approach, because I thought it'd be a great idea to see what my competition looks like in my surrounding area. This gave me an exact idea of what marketing works throughout the San Diego area. True photography, Fangting Photography, and Tiffany Allen Photography showed really high numbers with followers throughout their main platforms. Their main form of advertising was sharing their work, and the testimonials that they received from the work that they've done. This is the best way to draw in new customers when it comes to …

Week15B - Facebook Analytics

When I reviewed the Facebook analytics I viewed all numbers from the past 28 days. All of the numbers went down except for page likes and follows. The like and amount of follows on my page went up by 33 percent, while page view, reach, and post engagements fell drastically. Page views fell 52 percent, reach fell 38 percent, and post engagement fell 65 percent.

The numbers represented showed me that posts fell short within the past month. Although numbers peaked when posts were made, the posts weren't consistent enough to increase percentages. Another interesting thing I noticed was most of the organic reach was from desktop users versus mobile, which is very surprising! As number continue to grow as marketing will become a key aspect within the company, Facebook analytics will be a very useful tool!

Week15A - SEO and Social Media

After reviewing the Google Analytics features I think these key features would benefit my business:

Audience ReportsAdvertising ReportsUser Flow Reporting All of these features would help me see how users are engaging with my personal website. I would be able to decipher if the users are experiencing a natural flow within the site, and how well users are responding to the content being produced. This would display the amount of traffic my site is generating, and would allow me to adjust anything needed in order to increase numbers.

Week14 - Developing Online Advertising

I created three different ads for my photography website to help drive traffic, and to boost engagement. For my Facebook ad, I created a short video that promotes that new work has been added to the website, and the call to action I chose to use was "learn more." I decided to go this route, because I thought users would like to see more of the collection based off of the thumbnail picture being used. Also, I thought the "new" sticker on the top right corner was a good representation of the new collection.

For my Instagram ad, I chose to promote a new piece of work that's been in the works for the past couple of years. My brother wrote a book, and there are excerpts of photography featured. It's currently in publishing, and I thought this post would help boost engagement as well as drive traffic onto the website. I chose to use "send message" as the call to action, so users were more enticed to engage with him. 

I went the same route with this Twi…