Week10B: Categories

When building a blog site, it's very important to choose categories and key words that correlate back to the content that's been created. The categories I would select for my blog would be:

CityPalm Springs, CASan Diego. CATemecula, CAPortland, ORStateCaliforniaOregonPhotographyReal Estate PhotographyWedding PhotographyMusic PhotographyPortraits When users are navigating through my blog posts, they'll be able to search these categories and find all posts relevant to what they're looking for. In order to help the business grow, using these categories/key words would assist with SEO. This would create a user friendly experience, and would help our site reach potential new customers!
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Week10A: Blogging For Business

The potential blog posts have are huge! It allows you to connect to users through platforms online on a personal level, when and if needed. In reality, there are always stories to tell and there is always going to be someone who can relate to it. The structure of your content is powerful, and it should be used wisely.

When creating a blog post, I believe it's okay to share personal experiences. Personal experiences help bring your company to life, and it helps connect to your customers on another level. As stated in Likeable Social Media, "When you hear the story of how a company was born, or you hear a story about the impact an organization has had on a customer's life, or about the unique experience of a group's staff member or partner, you feel an emotional connection with that company." Users love hearing stories, and they feel that it helps humanize the brands that they already love.

The only instance it wouldn't make sense to add a personal touch to a p…

Week 9: Sharing Your Thoughts in 140 Words or Less

I decided to use these search words to find my connections: photography, real estate photography, and wedding photography. I chose all key words that would resemble my business right off the bat, so I would receive the results I was looking for. By using these key words I was able to find real estate agencies in the area, and I was able to find local photographers. Also, I did a separate search focusing on photographers who are well known throughout Twitter's social media platform. I was able to find quite a few photographers who share the same interest by using the search menu this way, and am now following them!

The two lists that I created were called real estate photography, and photography. I created the real estate photography to categorize all realtors and agencies I'm following. This will help me go directly into this part of my business when needed. My photography list was created for free lance photographers that I could possible connect with to help promote my busin…

Week 8B: Visual Social Media

The main goal for my business is to land free-lancing positions out in the field. Therefore, I chose to use well-known photographers that have similar work.

1. Annie Leibovitz uses Facebook, and Twitter.  On Facebook, she has 743,790 followers. She hardly posts on this platform, and mostly uses it for promoting events. Her last post was about 7 hours ago promoting a signing of a book she released for her new series. The amount of comments received fluctuate immensely ranging from 50-1200 comments. On Twitter, she has 117.5k followers. She hasn't made a post since 2014.

2. Elizabeth Messina uses Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. On Facebook, she has 16,964 followers. She posts a few times a month, and her most recent post was about 5 hours ago, A majority of the posts are promoting her work. She receives an average of 40 likes on her posts, and few comments. On Instagram, she has 206k followers. She has 1,996 posts, and her most recent post was about 6 hours ago. She cre…

Week 8A: Get Visual

The business I'm focusing on has two existing accounts. Dune Stewart Photography has an account with Facebook and Instagram. Occasionally, Twitter is utilized, however it's through a personal account versus a sole business account. I decided to focus on this business for the semester to help my brother promote his work through social media.

On Facebook there are currently 120 followers, and it's been a decent start for the business. The page was originally created to help promote art work versus gaining a customer base. However, things have shifted recently. Since things have shifted, we're hoping to gain free lancing work from the changes made on the Facebook page. It's now structured from a business perspective, and the scheduled posts will help build consistency on this platform. On Instagram, there are currently 366 followers. This account was created for the original posts of photographs which would then be shared to Facebook. This would help with consistency …

Week 7B: Scheduled Posts

I've created three posts to follow up my post from today for the next three days. The first post is an aerial view of a mansion shot in Dallas, OR. My brother did a shoot of this house for Virtuance Real Estate Photography. This video will draw in other real estate companies as drones are an acquired skill as of late. The second post will be an article posted by Vortex Magazine highlighting his work at one of the concerts he did a photoshoot for. This will highlight his skill for music photography, and could help draw in other magazines. Lastly, the last post relates back to the first scheduled post. It's a photograph versus a video of the house in Dallas, OR. He wants to touch on his skills for real estate photography to draw in business from other companies.

Week 7A: Facebook Pages

The seven business I chose to like on Facebook were:

 Brooke Shaden PhotographyGregory CrewdsonVirtuance Real Estate PhotographyBasil Vargas PhotographyWolf Mercury PhotographyAndrew KearnsVortex Music Magazine All of the photographers chosen were ones that have inspired my brother up to this point in his career. Each photographer has their own story, and they've built on that to help them succeed. For example, Brooke Shaden Photography is ran by Brooke Shaden. She's sought out to "find the beauty in darkness." This is seen throughout all of her work, and that's something my brother aspire to achieve in his career in the future. Virtuance Real Estate Photography and Vortex Music Magazine are current employers. I thought liking their page would open up other revenues to business' similar to them, and hopefully would make his page accessible to them as well.